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We do Top Quality Software Development

At Edstem, we believe that software development can always be done in better ways with much better quality. We’re obsessively passionate about it, and our mission is to help our customers develop products with better quality and user experience. We focus on learning new trends and technologies that make programs more effective and always seek various optimization techniques so that we can recommend better technology stack to our customers based on their requirements. The processes that we follow in software development will make the whole experience comfortable, transparent and exciting for our customers too. We are excited to share more with you, let us know.

Our Founding

Edstem was founded by K K Ashraf and Jerrish Varghese in 2012 primarily for developing products in education domain. Both of them had good experience in their respective domains which they wanted to utilize for new product development for schools. There were 3 developers initially who were working from home for a school management product and it got launched in one pilot school by 2013 September. Our initial experience with schools in Middle East, research and study, and that hub of expertise transformed into a small consulting group and led us to create some of our first school management softwares for British and American schools.

Early Growth

We shifted our focus to both product as well as custom software development after seeing the demand in the market. In 2015 the team size crossed 10 members and we were able to launch new products in to the market for schools. The first custom software development opportunity we received was from Dubai SME,  to work with Dubai Entrepreneurship Academy for the custom software development of their new portal. The project had its own challenge including Arabic language support which was something new to the development team. It was widely appreciated and gave us the confidence to do more software development projects.

To Infinity and Beyond!

With technology more important than ever, in 2018 we setup a new Development Center with an ever growing team size of more than 30 members working on new trending technologies like Blockchain, Machine Learning etc. We are making dramatic improvements to our core products like Edstem 360, BRIC, agua, uTraak, etc and exploring new markets in US, GCC and UK, and we believe that only sky is the limit!